G'Miu Nyima-Nying aka Miri

Miri is half-sister of Chanel, they have the same father - Waterley Tuxedo

Health - HD - A, PL - 0/0, ED - 0/0, DNA testing - PLL, NCL - clear, RCD 4, PRA 3 - clear

Size: 36,5x37cm

G'Miu Nyima Nying - Junior Champion Czech Republic, 3xBOJ, in 2019 Miri participated in 14 shows in Czechia, Slovakia and Poland. Results: 1x no title, 1x National Winner, 14x CAC (CWC), 1x r. CACIB, 2x CACIB, 4xBOS, 2x BOB. Polish Champion, Slovak champion of beauty. 2020 began in big style: Brno: CAC, National winner and BOB. Thanks to that Miri became Czech Champion of beauty. Miri has been just as successful in July in Nitra, where she got 3x CAC, 2x r. CACIB, 1xCACIB, BOS and won Slovak Champion of beauty.