G'Miu Nyima-Nying aka Miri

Miri is half-sister of Chanel, they have the same father - Waterley Tuxedo

G'Miu Nyima Nying - Junior Champion Czech Republic, 3xBOJ, in 2019 Miri participated in 14 shows in Czechia, Slovakia and Poland. Results: 1x no title, 1x National Winner, 14x CAC (CWC), 1x r. CACIB, 2x CACIB, 4xBOS, 2x BOB.  Polish Champion.  2020 began in big style: Brno: CAC, National winner and BOB. Thanks to that Miri became Czech Champion of beauty. 

Health - HD - A, PL - 0/0, ED - 0/0, DNA testing - PLL, NCL - clear, RCD 4, PRA 3 - clear

Size: 36,5x37cm