Litter F

Litter F

Litter F was born 18.9. 2022 - 1 girl, 3 boys

M: Chanel of Darkness - C.I.B., Multichampion
Health: HD - A, PLL - both parents clear, NCL - clear, PL - 0/0, ED 0/0, rcd4 - clear, PRA3 - clear, DNA 

O: Abousir Ben Mazar-I-Sharif (DK) - C.I.B., Multichampion

Health: HD - A, PL- 0/0, CCL - clear, PRA3 - clear, rcd4 - carrier 

 Big happiness in the beginning, then sadness followed. Unfortunatelly Chanel has overlay first a little girl, then the black and white boy. Only two boys are left, black Furry and sable Fergus.

Both boys are in their new families