About the breed

Tibetan Terrier

Origin and History
Obvious from the name, tibetan terrier comes from the "roof of the world", Tibet. However Tibetan terrier is no terrier, its shepherd. They were mistakenly categorized in the breed of terriers, based on their height, temperament and intelligence, by english people, who had imported this breed to Europe in first half of 20th century . Tibetan Terriers have spread from Britain to Germany , USA and to other countries. Correct name of the breed should be Tibet apso, his closest kin, Lhasa apso, is different mainly in height.
Tibetan terriers were originally used as an escort of goats, sheeps or yaks in mountain terrain that was hard to acces, or as guardians of caravans of nomads. Potentional danger was immediatly pointed out by barking, that alerted big mastiffs who would take potentional intruder down. Thanks to wide paws with rich fur, whom effect ressemble snowshoe, distinctively curved limbs, tail that can be used as rudder, and ability to sink claws in ground tibetan terriers never had a problem with moving on snow, ice or climbing and jumping on mountains.
Tibetan terriers, mainly smaller and white ones - "snow lions" (seenge), were bred before 2000 years in Tibetan churches, where they were considered as a holy dog- "carrier of luck" and they were given as talisman for luck. Thanks to posture of their tale they were also called as "dogs, who carry moon above their ridge". 

Height of tibetan terrier by standart should be between 36 and 41 cm, However, some male terriers are exception, being naturally taller. Weight is usually from 8 to 12 kg, bigger individuals might be around 15-16 kg.

The most distinctie sign of tibetan terrier is its flowing long and rich fur, which is made of  beatiful undercoat and loose dry covering fur. Fur can be either straight or wavy. Furthermore, fur has selfcleaning ability and leaves no stink so typical for dogs. It protects dog against cold weather, snowstorms, also against heat in summer and water. (It takes a while before water gets through the coat). Long fur in dog's face is there to protect its eyes against sand storms or obnoxious sunshine. All colours and colour combinations are allowed. (black, black with white signs, sable, smoky, silver, white, gold, creamy, threecoloured too), only exceptions are chocolate and liver colour.

Tibetan terrier is  great dog in humany company.
They are kind, nice, playful, lively, perceptive, quick to learn, persistent and brave. Tibetan terriers also enjoy sport activities, they are always full of energy. Furthermore Tibetan terrier's movement is very elegant, flexible and light. They are ideal companions for families that enjoy physical activities, also he is great adept for agility or other sports. They do have certain misstrust against strangers and they keep their distance, which makes them great guardians, although they are not aggresive. They have alot of love for their family, deffending the family, also spreads joy and yearn for being with their family. Their upbringing must be thorough and just. Tibetan terrier is very inteligent he also has great memory, sometimes they enjoy to be little bit more separate.

Tibetan terrier is not that hard to take care of.
They tend to be very healthy and resistant to illnes, also they have none specific diseases. Usually they live up to 13 years, however sometimes they can live for 18 years. Fur needs certain amount of attention and care, regular brushing and combing is necessary. special attention also needs to be taken into account for their ears, so their ear canals wont get clogged up. Their fur that cleans itself doesnt need to be washed that often. 

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