Waterley What a Hoot - "Hotti"

Date of birth: 10/12/2018

Health: HD - A, PL - 0/0, ED - 0/0, DNA testing - PLL, NCL - clear, RCD 4, PRA 3 - clear. DNA test for brown colour- B/B (doesnt carry brown colour genes), Pituitary dwarfism - neg.

 Available for stud 25.7.2020 

scissor bite 

Teeth complete

size: 40,5 x 42 cm

Shows results to 3/2022:
4x VP1, 6x CAJC, 5x BOJ, 26xCAC/CWC, 1xr. CAC, 5xr. CACIB, 11x CACIB, 3xBOS, 18x BOB, 2x Club winner, 3x NW, EDS champ. class Exc. 3, WDS open class Exc. 3, Best Czech dog 2021
Slovak puppy champion, Czech junior champion, Slovak junior champion, Czech champion, Slovak champion, Champion of Poland, Champion of Macedonia, Grand Champion of Macedonia, Czech Grand champion, Champion CMKU, Czech Club champion