Dogs have been with me since my youth. At the age of seventeen I bought my first dog. Small black schnauzer. "Anka od Chmelového háje" moreover in 1976 I registered my kennel  "Ze Stodůlek" with Anka's first puppies. Anka has had four litters. After her death I have had two dobermans, one by one. Dog "Nurmi Podhráz" and a bitch "Esta Kvart". Esta also has bred four beatiful litters. While she was still alive I have bought two beatiful papillons - "Inan Zlatý Krystal" and hers offsprings "Beruška Ze Stodůlek" and "Cipisek Ze Stodůlek". And just like her predeccesor, Inan also had four litters. Beruška two.

Now we are finally getting to the tibetan terriers. Acompanied by Beruška and Cipisek we moved to a small house and for guarding purposes we expended our pack with tibetan mastiff, stunning black dog, "Faron Strážce z Tibetu". After Cipisek and Beruska passed away. I have lost my joy in cynology. Faron was with us for 12 and half years, after his death I slowly realised just how much I missed taking care of dogs and everything that comes with it. I found a lot of excitement in a soul of the tibetan mastiff, but I did not want another big dog. Therefore my logical choice was in tibetan terrier. Aka shepherd in small version. 

I picked a georgous Brooke Shields of Darkness and I have waited two long years for the right puppy. And thats how we got Chanel of Darkness and soon I have realized that she is everything I have ever Imagined. On this website you can join me and watch her story...

As a gift for her first birthday. She got a beatiful new friend, our beloved siberian cat "William Wild Taiga and they became great friends very fast and because one Chanel is not enough, she was soon joined by two more buddies, her half sister Miri and "in the future" to be husband for both girls - Hotti. And in 2023, Chanel's niece Tassi, also a suitable bride for Hotti. This way we are now complete.